[RC5] ogr - technical details

Michael Nahrath subotnik at gmx.de
Wed Feb 23 05:08:54 EST 2000

Jim C. Nasby <jim at nasby.net> schrieb am 18.02.2000 22:49 Uhr:

>> First question:  Is the percentage anywhere close to accurate, since it
>> doesn't know how many nodes it will have to try?
> The % is a rough approximation. It does get more and more accurate as the
> block is processed, from what I understand.

I think the problem is that there can be no real aproximation on this
(finding out how much 100% is is part of the game...)

Maybe it was a better idea to display GNodes in the client-window
instead of % .

It is rather disturbing for the users to see no change for hours.

Maybe the last letter of the progress-bar could be animated by counting up
from 0 to 9 so a change would be visable at least every half an hour.

                       ^ this number counts up, becomes a dot after the '9'

This would result in progress-bars of differen length (even over several
lines...) which would tell users "this lasts long, but you have allready
done a lot of work.

We are so used to interaction and animation from slow computating that "no
change for hours" makes us think that a crash has occured.

Greeting, Michi

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