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| I think the question was asking "what will OGR-25 be like, 
|given that OGR-24
|takes time T_24?"

It's not necessarily proportional, if that's what you mean.  OGR-25
might actually be easier than OGR-24.  Or harder.  Can't say until we
do it.

| On a related topic, won't it be the case that the work-unit 
|rate for OGR-24
|will slow down, since the easy work units will get done 
|sooner, so after a
|while, more and more computers will be sitting on big work 
|units.  Since we
|are measuring completion % by work units and not nodes 
|(right?), won't the
|rate we're calculating for ourselves slow down as the node/stub ratio
|increases?  Or are the "hard" work-units rare enough that this 
|isn't an issue?
|I imagine that the node/stub ratio could start to climb, since 
|clients that
|finish an easy work unit return it and start another one, so 
|the easy work
|units are the only ones going back to the servers so far.

Short version: No, it won't slow down because of easy/hard units.

The hard/easy distinction is continuously variable, and the difficulty
of work handed out is fairly equally distributed, overall.  In other
words, the odds of your stub having 1% of the work of the hardest stub
is about the same as the odds of having 50% of the work of the hardest
stub.  The node rate will be fairly constant, regardless of the
individual stubs, because random-work stubs, begun at random times will
be returned in a random but fairly steady stream.

| (I don't think that last paragraph makes as much sense as I 
|wish it did.
|Hopefully you can figure out what I'm getting at :)
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