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Wed Feb 23 16:37:50 EST 2000

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|Is there anyway that d.net can block these clients from geting 
|ogr blocks so 
|that they are force into doing rc5?? I hate to waste cpu 
|cycles.  And from 
|now on i will put the clients i install on other peoples 
|computers in rc5 

Unfortunately, because of the possible existence of multiple personal
proxies and sneakernets, it's not possible for us to prevent certain
work units from reaching certain clients.

Even setting them to RC5-only doesn't fix the problem, because we could
find the key tomorrow.  At that point, we'd prefer the clients work on
RC5-72, or whatever else we decide is the right project, but both of
these would require a client upgrade.

|Which brings me to my next question: is there a plan to have 
|support for 
|remote adminstration of clients or at least and auto update 
|feature? (able 
|to be turned off of coarse)
|On a broader scale what are the long term goals of D.net and 
|long term plans 
|for the client??

There is development going on for a universal "remote cows" type
application which can talk to the client on all platforms.  This will
(theoretically) include the ability to start and stop the client,
upgrade, and change all the settings configurable using -config.  I
believe a future version of the client will also allow d.net to specify
what project a client should work on, or at least allow the client to
determine what project will be most beneficial, given the OS, client
version, and available projects.

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