[RC5] Distributed computing

D Milburn milburn at saturn-mig.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 08:23:44 EST 2000

> the future of large scale computing and as soon as someone develops a
> general distributed programming language (that you don't need a Ph.D.
> to drive) or a 'converter' utility that looks over your single CPU
> code and makes it 'distributed friendly' I think this will be big.

Urm... I know that for Unices (including Linux) there is PVM (parallel
virtual machine) which adds some sort of MIMD character to machines that
communicate over ethernet. I studied those principles for my MSc and at
that time, it was the best price/performance (like: free) package. BUT I
haven't looked at the man page, so it might be a bit hairy.


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