[RC5] OGR percent done

Robert A. Rosenberg bob.rosenberg at digitscorp.com
Thu Feb 24 13:33:36 EST 2000

At 07:56 PM 02/20/2000 -0600, Wilson, Bruce wrote:
>The good news is, even if you have a slow CPU, you're more likely to
>finish the stub in time to return it than the person who gets it on the
>second round, even though they have a faster CPU.  A long, complex stub
>is long and complex on any platform.

This brings up an issue I raised as a "suggestion for enhancement". I'd 
like a way to submit my current buffer for checking against the returned 
list. This will allow the client to remove any pending blocks that have 
already been returned as checked as well as short circuit/cancel the 
current block if it was done already. There should also be a way to 
"return" unchecked blocks (when you are shutting down a client or fetched 
too many) for recycling (preferably by putting them at the top of the "too 
be issued" queue). 

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