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cyb97 cyb97 at noxtension.com
Thu Feb 24 23:20:39 EST 2000

on 23.02.00 07:47:18, I witnessed "Justin T. Fanning" saying:

>Some people touched a few weeks back on the concept of getting paid
>for CPU time.  I have believed for some time distributed computing is
>the future of large scale computing and as soon as someone develops a
>general distributed programming language (that you don't need a Ph.D.
>to drive) or a 'converter' utility that looks over your single CPU
>code and makes it 'distributed friendly' I think this will be big.
>I always thought the concept would go like this:  You would have the
>'distributed computing bank' and you would loan CPU time to complete
>your project, on a higher priority, higher cost basis.  You would then
>repay this loan with your own CPU (backed by cash if you default)
>and perhaps a 10% fee to keep the bank and participants happy.
This isn't too far away from the situation in the late 70's early 80's where you had lots of companies renting cpu on bigger mainframes to execute stuff (I know the company I used to work for did, to compute corrosion 
calculations on offshore installations, which use to take almost a week on a mainframe, today a couple of hours on a alpha workstation). The problem would be linespeed and stability between the various cpu's, any 
business-secrets or other company-specific data they would like to keep to themselves like huge calculations which takes time and CPU couldn't be done over unsecure CPU's therefor more or less ruining you plan 
unless you are thinking of an unpublic computing bank, since the CPU's have to be controlled by an independent body. An what if a computer crashes during a calculation which is vital to the continuity in the computing? 
Then some other client would have to pick up... 
Don't ge me wrong, it sounds interesting, but needs a lot of thought and probably more than tcp/ip has today... (v6 would probably help but it's still not a failproof protocol, (and un-sniffable)).

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