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The issue isn't the length of the ruler, but the number of
optimizations that can be taken.  It could work out that the
optimizations which allow us to shortcut testing every single
combination work better on OGR-25 than OGR-24, and it really could take
less effort overall to perform the exhaustive search.

IIRC, OGR-23 was less effort than OGR-22.  gregh, please jump in and
correct me if I'm stating this wrong.

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|> | I think the question was asking "what will OGR-25 be like,
|> |given that OGR-24
|> |takes time T_24?"
|> It's not necessarily proportional, if that's what you mean.  OGR-25
|> might actually be easier than OGR-24.  Or harder.  Can't say until
|> we do it.  
|I don't buy it.  Sure we might find a shorter one sooner but if we
|need to test all possible cases why would the intelligent  exhaustive
|search be quicker with fewer marks?  We know for sure that a marks + 1
|ruler will be longer than the marks ruler we just verified for sure.  
|Though I suppose the space between say ogr 23 proven and ogr 24 best
|known could be more than the proven shortest 24 and the best known 25.
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