[RC5] OGR and CPU time

Christy & Bill TheBarbers at home.com
Sat Feb 26 09:26:30 EST 2000

I have been getting the same problems with the new clients, but also
with RC5 not just OGR. In addition, the client will crash netscape. It
there is a plug-in like Stuffit Expander or Adobe Reader active, my Mac
will lock up solid and require a restart.

Dan Oetting wrote:
> At 6:04 -0700 2/23/2000, Jonas Maebe wrote:
> >>I run OGR on a G3 Macintosh.  Ever since I started OGR I have noticed that
> >>having the client running in the background noticeably slows up other
> >>programs I am running.  RC5 and CSC never had this kind of effect on my
> >>computer.  The result is that I am pretty much unable to run OGR while
> >>actually working at my computer.  Has anybody else experienced a problem of
> >>this type, or is it (somehow) just me?
> >
> >No, I experience it too. What's strange is that it isn't that way
> >continuously, but only most of the time.
> In RC5 we know exactly how many machine instructions are required to
> process each key so we can easily compute the number of keys to process
> before we need to check for user events again. In OGR the work that gets
> performed for 1 iteration can vary significantly. I

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