[RC5] OGR percent done

sdodson sdodson at gateway.net
Sat Feb 26 03:48:51 EST 2000

> This brings up an issue I raised as a "suggestion for enhancement". I'd
> like a way to submit my current buffer for checking against the returned
> list. This will allow the client to remove any pending blocks that have
> already been returned as checked as well as short circuit/cancel the
> current block if it was done already. There should also be a way to
> "return" unchecked blocks (when you are shutting down a client or fetched
> too many) for recycling (preferably by putting them at the top of the "too
> be issued" queue).

This would create an incredible amount of pointless network traffic, as well
as server overhead.  For each block you've got in your in-buffer it'd have
to send that packet back to the srever, have the server look it up, then
send it back if it hasn't been completed.  That's 3 extra steps PER packet :

1 ) d.net -> clients  (happens anyway)
2 ) clients -> d.net  (extra)
3) d.net queries the database to see if that block has been finished
yet(hundreds of hits per second?)
4) d.net -> clients (extra)
5) client -> d.net (happens anyway, completed packet)


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