[RC5] defrag

Hector Herrera hectorh at pobox.com
Tue Feb 29 14:41:33 EST 2000

At 04:13 AM 28/01/00 , Thomas Smith wrote:
>On Thu, 27 Jan 2000 11:31:06 +0200, Alari Rajande wrote:
> >=== defrag.bat ===
> >dnetc -kill
> >yourdefragcommand.exe
> >dnetc -hide
> >===============
>This is windows 98?  95?  i'm not sure about 95, but i seem to recall that 
>win '98
>batch files appear not to wait for certain commands to finish.  i don't 
>think that
>they wait for the whole dnetc thing (dnetc.com, right?) to finish, for 
>they just wait for the wrapper program (dnetc.exe, IIRC).  if
>yourdefragcommand.exe is similar in that it has a wrapper which exits 
>before the
>defrag is actually finished, this batch file would not be particularly 

in windows 95 and 98 you can use the START command:

START /W dnetc -kill

this will launch dnetc and wait until the process exits before continuing.

so try:

start /w dnetc -kill
start /w yourdefragcommand.exe
dnetc -hide

Hector Herrera

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