[RC5] Adverse effects of participation?

Chris Adams chris at improbable.org
Mon Jan 31 16:45:51 EST 2000

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On Sun, 30 Jan 2000 12:12:48 +0100, tomdv at datatx.com wrote:

>I for my part, turn off the disks after 5 minutes using power control in
>the windows configuration panel and they have been holding out for close to
>two years.

This is why I try to buy server-class hardware, where the manufacturer at
least entertained the thought that someone would run it more or less
constantly. I'm of the school of thought which holds that spinning a disk
up and down is worse than leaving it running. Since my last personal PC was
doing light webserver duties, it had been running (without power-saving
features) constantly for ~2 years (total ~3.5 years) w/o problems when I
replaced it with a newer machine.

>As for the noice the computers make: tell that to the manufacturers. I have
>the exact same problem so the computers are moved to another part of the
>appartment where they can make the noise they make.

A great deal of this depends on the hardware you buy. Most power supplies
and fans are utter crap. The stuff I picked out for my newer box runs
quietly enough that it's almost indistinguishable from the noise of a light
rain when you're within 2-3 feet. Much beyond that and you cannot tell the
machine is running.
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