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Daniel Baker dbaker at distributed.net
Mon Jan 3 02:51:06 EST 2000


As we near the 100% mark of CSC keyspace completion, I think it's
time to explain what that CSC statistics mean, and how they are

It is perhaps a common misconception that each CSC work unit
completed is unique.  With a short contest like CSC, we have
implemented special keymaster code to use complex texts to verify
the authenticity and validity of each work unit submitted.  Malicious
users could conceivably run a tampered version of the distributed.net
client to gain an unfair advantage in statistics and rankings.  In
order to test an experimental method of attempting to uncover and
disqualify these users, it was decided that certain CSC work units
would periodically reassigned to suspect users and random clients
to ensure that our work is not compromised.  As an unfortunate
result, work is duplicated.

It is distributed.net policy to give users credit for all legitimate
work completed, regardless of whether it's virgin work or reassigned
work.  Accordingly, the completed percentage showed on the statistics
server represents both virgin and reissued work units, so it's
possible that we go well beyond 100% completion.

Please remember that from the viewpoint of the network, submitting
duplicated work units is different from submitting blocks that have
been redistributed for secondary revalidation.  Duplicated work is
defined as either re-uploading the same results or uploading stale
blocks that have already been recycled and redistributed.  Meanwhile,
work units that have been redistributed for reverification will
have different sequence numbers and are credited as distinct pieces
of work.  Please keep this information in mind when parsing our


Jeff "bovine" Lawson and Daniel "dbaker" Baker
distributed.net project leaders

dbaker at distributed.net - Chief Operations Administrator - distributed.net

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