[RC5] Two suggestions about stats ...

R. Kelley Cook KelleyCook at attglobal.net
Wed Jan 5 11:03:14 EST 2000

I have two suggestions for the stats engine

a) Could you restore those daily bitmap keyspace completion plots back
up that you used to have.

I don't remember exactly how it was represented, but it seems it was
essentially was a 512x2048x256 greyscale bitmap with each pixel
representing one 2^36 segment out of the 2^56 keyspace with the grey
level (0-255) bringing it down to the 2^28 level.

b) The lookup for a person should tell you which team he or she is
competing for.  Right now you can easily lookup who competes for a
team, but you can't do the opposite.

 -- Kelley Cook

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