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Ben benb at netins.net
Mon Jan 3 19:50:29 EST 2000

"Basil A. Daoust" wrote:
> I'm just a user, but would it not have made more sense to at least take a guess
> at how many blocks would be reissued prior to the project start and then report
> a truer indication of completion?
> It seems odd that we have had to complete so much of the keyspace and yet we
> still have not found the key... depending on how much work reported is duplicate
> I would think the odds of being at 80% and not hit the key to be fairly low.

Logically, it would be 1 in 5. Dnet has had good luck with getting
competitions done at less than 50% before, it's about time one took a
bit longer. Plus, it's good practice for OGR; every combination in OGR
will have to be tested instead of just the average of 50%.

> Basil

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