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Mon Jan 3 21:00:37 EST 2000

> I would think the odds of being at 80% and not hit the key to be fairly low.
Yeah! 20%! Who'da thunk it?

>> It is distributed.net policy to give users credit for all legitimate
>> work completed, regardless of whether it's virgin work or reassigned
>> work.  Accordingly, the completed percentage showed on the 
>> statistics server represents both virgin and reissued work units, so >> it's possible that we go well beyond 100% completion.

No, seriously, why don't you/we/they make the csc main page (where it
shows percent completed) show the *actual amount completed* (gasp) -
that is, the number of virgin blocks deflowered, as a part of the entire
And make individual and team stats reflect the work they've done. 

That way both are accurate - percent done/remaining and work done.

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