[RC5] What happens when the key is found?

Daniel Baker dbaker at distributed.net
Wed Jan 5 12:05:41 EST 2000

On 03-Jan-2000, Jakob Paikin wrote:
> As a fairly new participant (I haven't seen a project completed yet) I'm curious about what exactly happens when the key is found (for instance in the CSC project):
> * Is the candidate key verified automatically or does someone from d.net need to intervene?

Once a distributed.net administrator is notified of the success, we run it
through a program that verifies the success.  If it appears to be in good order,
we run it through another script that emails the solution to CS-C and announces
to staff that the key has been found.

distributed.net staff members then prepare appropriate announcements to
release the good news to the users and public.

> * Would a candidate key be identified at once or only when stats etc. are updated?

As soon as the keymaster receives the success, it emails distributed.net

> * Will the official proxyservers inform the clients that the project is finished when blocks are flushed or only when new blocked are fetched?

I believe it is both.

In addition, I will likely change the proxy mesasge on all the proxy servers
to the URL where some CSC information can be found.


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