[RC5] CSC Statistics

Claude.Saam at alcatel.fr Claude.Saam at alcatel.fr
Thu Jan 6 11:55:57 EST 2000

I do agree with people saying the the % displayed in the stats should reflect the number of virgin blocks actually cracked, and not the whole number of blocks cracked & verified.
It is not very encouraging to work over 100% and still haven't found the key.
What if the same happens to rc5 ? How many blocks will be reissued, as the keyspace is *much* larger ? How long will it take to finish then, 10 years more ?

And the continuous breakdowns of statsbox don't help (yes i am a stats addict, i just don't like to work in blind mode and see no progress).
Hope they will soon make a small copy of the stats to work and test on. Never seen any company *testing* in *production* environment. This just falls beyond my understanding.

That's all for the complains.

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