[RC5] Request: Fetch by Units of Work

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Wed Jan 5 12:06:01 EST 2000

My system runs offline.  Any particular attempt to establish a
connection to the net may have problems, and may have to be
done over.  As a result, I make all my connections manually.

I would like to "schedule" my time - i.e., When is the next time
that I need a net connection?  (I know from experience how many
hours it will take to process a given number of units of work.)
But the RC5 software only lets me specify the number of 'packets'
to fetch, and I have no advance knowledge of how many work units
that number of packets will bring.  So my initial fetch request
is sized for a planned duration of time - on the assumption that
I will get mostly "large" packets.  Whenever the amount of work
actually brought by this request is less, I have to re-estimate
the packet threshold to make up the difference, and then perform
a second fetch.

It would help my situation if distributed.net would let me specify
the quantity I want as the number of Units of Work, rather than as
the number of Packets.


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