[RC5] Showing team affiliation in stats

Jason Hartzell jason_hartzell at lvcm.com
Thu Jan 6 14:10:37 EST 2000

On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, R. Kelley Cook wrote:

|b) The lookup for a person should tell you which team he or she is
|competing for.  Right now you can easily lookup who competes for a
|team, but you can't do the opposite.
| -- Kelley Cook

Well, you've heard other people mention why it isn't done. I would have
to believe that d.net could make it optional. I get to choose if I am
displayed by my e-mail address, participant ID, or "real name". I
believe it would be possible to make the team participant not listed by
default, but allow a person to enable it if they choose. Common sense
pretty much says that most people won't bother to enable it, hopefully
common sense could reduce the 'join my team' spam and job threats due to
controversial teams (that RC5 for Jesus could be hazardous to your
career). Hopefully d.net could put in some policy regarding those
unsolicited e-mailings, such as, if you do it your team will be
shutdown. I hate to think that they should have to police it like that,
but I would like to see a reasonable way for team affiliation to be
shown. At this point I would actually be happy if my personal
configuration page, which only I can see, stated which teams I have
given blocks to, not just my current team. Of course I do the sp0rk
heads things, but I have made donations to Team Netware, Team Warped and
someone else, I have no recollection as to who that someone else is...if
anyone spots my e-mail address on another team listing, let me know. I
would love to know where my blocks went..

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