[RC5] psearch stats script (rc5) question

Richard Ellis rellis at erols.com
Sun Jan 9 10:08:12 EST 2000

Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 19:00:05 -0500 (EST)
From: plans at nodezero.distributed.net
Subject: [plans] distributed.net .plan update

> decibel :: 05-Jan-2000 03:06 (Wednesday) ::
> The problem is that in order to allow the most flexible search
> possible, the script would search for the string entered anywhere
> in the email field. ("*string*"). Unfortunately, Sybase can't
> optimize this query, and it was killing the box.

Can Sybase optimize a search of the form ("*string")?  I usually
searched on my domain ("erols.com") so that I can see how I rank
against others from my ISP.  And a front wildcard is all that's
necessary to search that way.

> So, the script has been redone a bit. ... The only functional
> difference will be if you try to do a partial search using a string
> with @ in it. You'll end up searching on "string*" instead of
> "*string*" like the script used to.

There is one other major functional difference.  The results from the
search used to be returned in order sorted by rank.  Now it returns
in order sorted by email address.  Is this an artifact of how it is
retreiving the data, or did someone just forget an "order by" clause
in the SQL statement that does the retreival?

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