[RC5] What happens when the key is found?

Hr. Skak windowssucks at get2net.dk
Mon Jan 10 01:12:17 EST 2000

> "Rubinic, Dave F." wrote:
> With a couple days to go, whenever I am connected
> live I set the buffers to flush every block as its completed, and get > small  blocks.  That way the possibility of someone duplicating the
> work and slipping in the finished block before me is much smaller.  

Flushing seems to be missing in the new macos dnetrc5C client v. 2.8.
But the G4-code for the AltiVec i fantastic. A 350 mhz G4 benchmarked to
1.2 mkeys/sek. in rc5-64 in v. 2.7 (with best and very mac-like
interface). Version 2.8 goes the standard W95-98 text-interface but
clocks the benchmarks in RC5 with far over 3 mkeys/sek.
Well done guys!
The Mac G4 with dnetc 2.8 is a great bargain for dnet-fans! But we miss
the 2.7 mac-interface.

Keep up the good work..

Greetings from the hometown
of the great poet Hans Christian Andersen
- bite the byte & butt the bug

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