[RC5] psearch stats script (rc5) question

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Mon Jan 10 00:26:18 EST 2000

Richard Ellis wrote:
> Can Sybase optimize a search of the form ("*string")?  I usually
> searched on my domain ("erols.com") so that I can see how I rank
> against others from my ISP.  And a front wildcard is all that's
> necessary to search that way.

Unfortunately, no, it can't. Eventually, we'll probably do something to
allow users to have some control over the placement of wildcards. The
two ideas we've had are making some character, such as '*' a wildcard
(problem is, any characters are valid in email addy's), or putting a
drop-down or radio-buttons by the search box to allow users to select a
begins with, ends with, or contains search.

There is another possibility that I'd like to get some feedback on. The
performance problem that
we're having could be dramatically reduced if we stopped returning
contest info.. ie: only returned a list of emails. Would this be of
interest to anyone?

> There is one other major functional difference.  The results from the
> search used to be returned in order sorted by rank.  Now it returns
> in order sorted by email address.  Is this an artifact of how it is
> retreiving the data, or did someone just forget an "order by" clause
> in the SQL statement that does the retreival?

No, the way that the results are being returned now, it's not really
possible to do the sort (don't ask... it's a very ugly kludge). Bruce is
working on a replacement though, which will be sorted by rank again.
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