[RC5] rate increase through soundcard?

Alex alex at recexpress.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 9 16:21:23 EST 2000

> Has anybody noticed something like that? I bought a new sound-card for my
> and the .451 Win32 client resulted in a ~6 kkeys/s increase (before: 1.223
> Mkeys/s, after: 1.229 Mkeys/s). Same process-load and everything.
> Any explanations?

OK, there may be other reasons, but this was what I concluded :-  I had a CL
SB128 a while back and as a result of removing and running without it, the
computer displayed very similar behaviour. The SB 128 and other cards use
the CPU to process the sound rather than having a more expensive DSP
onboard, it's all done through software the card is only used for final
output.. Normally you shouldn't notice this software slowing down your
system but with something like D.Net, you have a constant benchmark of
what's going on with your clients keyrate. other culprits of degrading
system performance are network cards.

Hope this helps

- Alex

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