[RC5] rate increase through soundcard?

Zypher rc5 at planetfortress.com
Tue Jan 11 18:47:22 EST 2000

Everyone's favorite stuff, exspansion cards and Dnet:

If you get a busmastering card with correctly written drivers, the decrease
should be very small. (though still some, by loading drivers in memory etc

No self-respective enthusiast would be caught without a scsi, lan or other
pci card that isn't busmastering if they can help it.

For ex, if you are a poor sap stuck with a software modem (YUCK) try
comparing online and offline benchmarks ;)

Removing all isa cards helps a bit, then removing/disabling the isa
controller from the motherboard (some PC99 boards do this) can speed up some
more too.

Even video cards have varying degree of cpu time...you could probably find
some drivers that are more hungry than others and resolutions/color depth on
older card slows down some too. Newer cards build all or almost all 2D
operations completely into hardware though :) Newer (well one or two) and
upcoming graphics cards have an onboard 'GPU' which means running 3D apps
thats support it (about 0 right now :) won't cut my keyrate from ~2100 to

Some companies (cough intel cough) are making all sorts of new things to sap
your cpu, and help them sell faster ones: USB was a start (some devices can
REALLY hog a cpu) softmodems, AC97 sound etc etc...even video to some
extent, the i810 series of integrated-video chipsets have some help from the
cpu...I wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole. The i820 series is just a
plain rambus't' joke...oops didn't mean to throw than rant in there, sorry

Other companies (ones I like better) are going the other direction: put more
power on the card...some soundcards and two video chipsets (from nvidia and
s3) have pretty decent onboard power to take over for you cpu. The high end
servers of course already have this in spades, hardware-assisted raid/scsi,
even some network cards have decent cpus on them now.

I'd still like to see a cheap 'hardware assist' general purpose dsp card
that has a client written to do rc5, csc etc (Play UT or Q3 AND get
~~2100/sec if not higher) but anyway...

/end rambling
rc5 at planetspambegonefortress.com

Damn Slow Lines gone Jan 12th 2000 - yeah thats tommorow...FINALLY
Grabbed a 750...I mean 800 Athlon :)

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