[RC5] Help! I'm flooded with clients!

gunny gunny at mail.dma.be
Fri Jan 14 11:33:19 EST 2000


What is going on at dnet?

I think I have received 5 or 6 new clients the past month: 451, 452, 453a,
b, c, 454. Are we still far away from the "install & forget" client?

I have 20 pc's all over the country running the client. It's a small
country but some are still 100 kilometers away. These sites I visit at max
once a year.

Is there perhaps a general purpose win95 installer that is "install & forget"?

I mean is there a win95 program that can do the following:
- check central file server for new version of the dnet client;
- if new version found:
	- stop current version;
	- uninstall current version;
	- delete entire directory (just in case the block format changed - again);
	- copy new version;
	- install new version;
	- run new version.

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