[RC5] CSC a success!

Daniel Baker dbaker at distributed.net
Sun Jan 16 00:37:40 EST 2000


I'm very proud (and quite relieved) to announce that distributed.net
has successfully met the CS Communications & Systems CSC encryption
challenge.  The key was submitted to CS Communications & Systems
just moments ago.

At 06:26:52 on 01/16/00, we received a success key, 00438EF36FE3FC21.
I haven't contacted the user yet, so I can only say that the computer
that found the machine was a Sparc box running Solaris and version
v2.8002 of the client.

Users can expect an official press release with far more information
and statistics within a few hours.  Please standby for more details.

Thanks again for all your support and dedication.

Daniel Baker
dbaker at distributed.net

dbaker at distributed.net - Chief Operations Administrator - distributed.net

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