[RC5] Help! I'm flooded with clients!

Geoffrey Faivre-Malloy GJF at pduck.com
Tue Jan 18 09:19:33 EST 2000

> giving it a try. There are probably things that can be done with PGP

If it required the use of PGP to verify, would it also require the
installation of PGP?  Or would PGP source be used in the patch program?

> Thoughts? I'd be willing to help program this one, if personpower is the
> issue . . .

What if the patch program needed to be updated?  Would it be able to update
Some type of logging would be nice so you could tell an update occurred.
Would it need to erase the buffers everytime it did an update?
What if a new project was added - would it have the option to pop up a
dialog so that you could add it to the list of projects you want to work on?


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