[RC5] Statsbox or Add-on suggestion-request...

Ben benb at netins.net
Thu Jan 20 02:18:31 EST 2000

Darren Tay wrote:
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> Hi,
> I have an obvious suggestion for providing nicer stats for participants.
> (If this thing already exists somewhere, sorry, could you point me to it
> please?)
> Rather than (or in addition to) the "Participant's Block Submission
> History", could we add a line graph plot of *cumulative* work done VS
> time, for each participant? These stats would be much more useful than
> Block Submission History, esp. for people (like myself) who do not
> fetch-flush on a strictly regular schedule. A cumulative work VS time
> graph would show change in keyrate nicely together with total work done.
> I just did this with MSExcel, using data from Submission History... There
> was a slight problem with Excel97 not being able to automatically
> understand the dates as dates.
> So anyway, if this graph thing can't be done on the statsbox, perhaps
> someone can do an add-on? Perhaps one that reads directly from the html
> table of Submission History. (pretty-please...)

I was actually considering writing this sort of thing in Perl. It would
be nice if I could get the data in a cleaner format, but I could
probably do it with the source of the stats page.

> (I would also prefer this to a keyrate VS time graph, is it just me?)
> Also, on the "Participant Summary" page, I suggest the "Current Rate" field
> be defined rather as work submitted over time interval from last flush, or
> something like that... The present calculation tends to give crazy-large
> figures for "Current Rate" because it assumes that any work submitted that
> day was completed on a single day (I suspect).

I find the "chances are 1 in " whatever things annoying too. It
extrapolates from the single day, instead of the average speed like I
think it should.

> Obvious ideas I guess. Too much of a hassle to implement?
> I've no idea... but nice stats will always be good for dnet...

Hours spent processing would help draw the SETI at home users, since they
think that the amount of hours is more important than the amount of
results. This would probably require modification to the block
submission protocol, though.

> Thanks and best regards,
> dt

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