[RC5] Suggestion for client icon

Matthew mwebber at mailandnews.com
Fri Jan 21 11:18:07 EST 2000

>From time to time I pause the dnet client - typically, when I'm about to run
some speech-recognition software, during which time I don't want anything
running, even at lowest priority. My problem is, sometimes when I am
finished I forget to un-pause the dnet client.

Unfortunately, the nice little cow icon in the systray looks the same
irrespective of whether the client is currently working or not, si there is
no visual clue for me to un-pause the client. I would find it useful if the
icon changed to indicate the current state eg active or paused. Maybe a
different icon if the buffers were full and it was working on random blocks
would also be useful (for those who aren't permanently connected).

This is a low priority request, I know, but I thought it could go on the
list of "possible future enhancements"


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