[RC5] Sharing buffers with several platform clients

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Yes, different platforms process a block in different orders.  To be
absolutely safe, if a platform detects the block was started on an
incompatible other platform, it starts over.  Depending on how often
you switch between OS's, you might be better off with non-shared
buffers.  (In fact, I think the docs recommend against sharing buffers
with multi-platform clients).

If you have other computers, you might consider using a perproxy on
another machine.  Then both client programs on the dual-boot machine
could be configured to 10:10 with their own private buffers, and you'd
still be protected in the event of a proxy/keymaster outage.

The block format *is* independent across platforms, that's why Linux
can successfully determine the block was started on Win2K.

I'm not familiar with the block-size part of the code, but I would
expect that the core will process any block retrieved, even if the
client asks for smaller blocks.  If you think about it, that's exactly
the situation the client would find itself in if you changed the limit
for RC5 from 2^33 down to 2^31.  It would have to process them even
though it wouldn't ask for them in the future.

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|I'm running Windows2000 and Linux in a single computer and I'm sharing
|same buffers between both windows and linux clients.
|When I've ran the client in Windows and boot the computer to Linux,
|the Linux client says: 'Packet was from a client with another 
|Does this mean that Linux client is unable to handle unfinished
|packets which were started in another platform? (this happens also 
|visa versa...) I thought that buffer file format was independed on
|client platform...  
|Another question: what happens to packets that client can't handle?
| Mikko
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