[RC5] Help! I'm flooded with clients!

Zorba the Hutt zorbathut at uswest.net
Thu Jan 20 17:27:18 EST 2000

> If it required the use of PGP to verify, would it also require the
> installation of PGP?  Or would PGP source be used in the patch program?

It'd probably be built into the patch program, just for the sake of
easiness. BTW, there's no reason (that I can think of) that the patch
program couldn't be open-source :)

> What if the patch program needed to be updated?  Would it be able to
> itself?

I'd make this an option, personally. I'd be a little wary of that, just in
case there's a bug in the new version that isn't caught (especially a bug
that prevents it from updating itself, for example), but I'd probably turn
it on anyway ;)

> Some type of logging would be nice so you could tell an update occurred.

Of course :)

> Would it need to erase the buffers everytime it did an update?

It'd be either set up to erase the buffers every time or only erase the
buffers when necessary (presumably it would be told this by the master patch

> What if a new project was added - would it have the option to pop up a
> dialog so that you could add it to the list of projects you want to work

This is a kinda nasty one . . . You wouldn't want it popping up a dialog -
for one thing, it might not work on some systems (Linux) and if you've got
it on people's systems because they "like the moo" or something similar they
might be confused by "Dnetc new program detected: OGR. Place between CSC and
DES?" or something to that effect :) You'd probably want several options -
"place in default location", "place at end of project list", that sort of
thing. It's not an ideal solution, but when you consider that the project
wouldn't be worked on at all with the client if it wasn't updated, it's
probably better than nothing.


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