[RC5] Sharing buffers with several platform clients

Dakidd dakidd at primenet.com
Thu Jan 20 20:48:11 EST 2000

>I'm running Windows2000 and Linux in a single computer and I'm sharing
>same buffers between both windows and linux clients.
>When I've ran the client in Windows and boot the computer to Linux, the
>Linux client says: 'Packet was from a client with another cpu/os/build'.

Normal, deliberate behavior. The message is informational, not
catastrophic. You can safely ignore it.

>Does this mean that Linux client is unable to handle unfinished packets
>which were started in another platform? (this happens also visa versa...)

It's not that it's unable to handle them (and you're correct; it does go
both ways) It's that the client is trying to avoid subtle problems that can
crop up because of the different ways the cores in each version of the
client perform the actual crunching work. Due to differences in the way the
various cores (For RC5, there are AT LEAST six different cores being used
depending on target platform) are written, it's possible that having Core B
pick up work on a block that was partly completed by Core A could miss
several keys, run off the end of the key block into fantasy land, or cause
other similar "Houston, we have a problem!" scenarios.

>I thought that buffer file format was independed on client platform...

It is. It's not the platform that's important in this case, but which
*crunch core* is being used. See my previous paragraph.

>Another question: what happens to packets that client can't handle?

After the warning about "different client" is given, they're supposed to be
treated the same as any previously untouched block.

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