[RC5] SETI@HOME Interview on BBC

Nathan D. Blomquist panchonb at maindex.com
Sat Jan 22 10:48:24 EST 2000

I just thought I would send a long this little interview...


I would like to point out this specific question:

How do you answer critics who say that your software is inefficient and
wastes computer time?

It's absolutely true that our software is not 100% efficient. For example,
drawing graphics uses computer time. But it's not a waste of time - it
engages users, and helps bring in more participants. Also, our software is
not optimised for every type of computer processor out there. For example,
our Windows version uses only standard Intel 386 instructions, not MMX, or
other proprietary variations. We don't have the resources to manage hundreds
of specialised versions.

They seem to understand, that flashiness is not efficent... but that having
more non-efficient clients counter acts the non-efficiency...

Nathan D. Blomquist
panchonb at maindex.com

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