[RC5] Statsbox or Add-on suggestion-request...

Satya satyap at bom2.vsnl.net.in
Sat Jan 22 11:32:36 EST 2000

On Jan 21, 2000 at 08:08, Alan Buck wrote:

> I have a version of Dominique Pelle's perl program which runs with gnuplot
> on windows, plots positions as well as rate and does a few other things. As
> an option, it also tries to read directly from the URL to obtain the data,
> but has some problems with this at the moment.

Sigh. Mine seems very primitive now. It's a C program which can work
independantly, or with <http://www.satyaonline.cjb.net/dnetlog.pl.gz> to
produce a graph from your log files (it needs dnetlog.pl to produce from
logfiles, because dnetlog.pl creates the required data file containing
daily numblocks completed). It also required the gd library. Untested
anywhere except redhat linux 6.0

If anyone's still interested, email me.

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