[RC5] dnetc from xscreensaver

Chris Frost chris at frostnet.net
Fri Jan 21 21:12:28 EST 2000

On Thu, Jan 20, 2000 at 11:31:33PM -0500, chicks at chicks.net wrote:
> Has anyone gotten the DNET client working under linux so that it comes on
> when the xscreensaver is activated?  My friend wants to run it, but she
> has to shut it down every time she wants to play Quake 3.  :-)  I don't
> mind doing it on mine, but she won't futz with it.
I haven't used xscreensaver enough to know whether you can do program
execution at startup/shutdown, but you could write a simple little script
to check running processes every n minutes, then rm or touch the dnetc's
pause file.

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