[RC5] Testing problems

Ben benb at netins.net
Fri Jan 21 22:12:00 EST 2000

Christy & Bill wrote:
> Anybody having problems with the new Mac clients interfering with active
> programs' keyboard input and causing programs to crash, necessitating a reboot?

I haven't but my client is having difficulties running normally. It sits
trying to get a net connection, and never does, but it keeps reopening
PPP connection, using up my only phone line. I never notice until I
either check the computer, or hear the harddrive constantly grinding the
same text to the display.

This never happened in the old client. Is there any reason that I can't
go back before the CLI? Is that client still available? I don't think it
would affect my rate any, as I have a 603ev, and the Altivec core does
nothing for me.

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