[RC5] Suggestion for client icon

Peter Cordes peter at llama.nslug.ns.ca
Sat Jan 22 17:30:50 EST 2000

On Fri, Jan 21, 2000 at 11:18:07AM +1100, Matthew wrote:

> Unfortunately, the nice little cow icon in the systray looks the same
> irrespective of whether the client is currently working or not, si there is
> no visual clue for me to un-pause the client. I would find it useful if the
> icon changed to indicate the current state eg active or paused. Maybe a
> different icon if the buffers were full and it was working on random blocks
> would also be useful (for those who aren't permanently connected).

 That's a good idea.  I like it, because it should be relatively easy to do,
and doesn't require much CPU time.  Some virus checker programs put a red
'X' through their systray logo when they are disabled.  Something like this
would be good.  Maybe there should be a sick-looking cow for the client when
it is unhappy and wants attention.  (e.g. doing random blocks.)  That would
require some artistic work, so maybe a reverse-video or something icon would
do for the unhappy (as opposed to paused) client would do the trick.

 BTW, do you actually see any performance problems with your speech
recognition stuff when dnetc is active?  I notice that on Linux, dnetc takes
~~7% of the CPU time when running at nice=19, when there is one other CPU
bound process (e.g. gcc.).  On Solaris 2.6,  (user+sys)/real time for 
dnetc -benchmark is $0.839 \pm 0.003$, over 4 runs when the normal dnetc is
running at nice=19, and $0.997 \pm 0.002$, when the normal dnetc is paused.

potato-head]~/dnet $ hostinfo
Host Type:      SUNW,Ultra-30
OS Version:     SunOS 5.6
Processor:      sparc
Kernel arch:    sun4u
System Memory:  128 Mb
Virtual Memory: 350 Mb
Number of CPUs: 1
Clock Rate:     248.0 MHz

Testing was done on this machine through an SSH connection, and nobody else
was logged on.  (so no cpu was used for X.)

(I'm currently looking into how Solaris priorities work in detail, so maybe
there is a way to set priority lower than what dnetc does.  I'm looking at
priocntl(1) and priocntl(2) right now.)

 I haven't tested anything on any windoze boxes, because I don't know where
the necessary tools are, and the online help isn't very technically oriented
or detailed (*cough*).

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