[RC5] Statsbox or Add-on suggestion-request...

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Sun Jan 23 00:32:14 EST 2000

Satya wrote:
> dnetlog.pl <http://satyaonline.cjb.net/download.html> does all of the
> above, but YMMV:

I'll try to take a look at it.

> > Unfortunately, I havn't come up with a good way of displaying this
> > information without overwhelming and confusing people, and I havn't had
> > the chance to add the required stuff to the statsrun. :(
> If what I've done overwhelms and confuses people, perhaps they shouldn't
> peer at the stats at all. Can you say 'primitive'? 'Coz that's what
> dnetlog.pl is.

You would be amazed at some of the stats questions we get. So, anything
we do needs to be as intuitive as possible, lest we be forced into
highering a fleet of people to answer help at .
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