[RC5] Testing problems

Hr. Skak windowssucks at get2net.dk
Sun Jan 23 14:10:39 EST 2000

> >Anybody having problems with the new Mac clients interfering with
> active programs' keyboard input and causing programs to crash... 
> Jonas

I haven't been able to crash the Mac clients. I'm using a wide selection
beginning with macos-build 432 and up to 454.
BUT the newer the client, the worse performance on my G3-240 mhz Sonnet-6100.
Build 432 maxes on aprox. 760 kkeys/sek. 
Build 454 maxes on aprox. 625 kkeys/sek.

It seems that the newer Mac-client the more sensible to the user's
behavior. And the new clients (with classic pc-interface) is unable to
bring it self to 'the top'.
Furthermore the new clients takes a decade to update buffers. I'm
talking x10 to the old clients.

Mr. Skak, Denmark

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