[RC5] dnetc from xscreensaver

steve at merlon.com.au steve at merlon.com.au
Sun Jan 23 23:46:25 EST 2000

I know for a fact that running dnetc has no relevence in terms of
performance to whatever
intensive applications one might be running (such as quake 3)  but this
sometimes isn't enough for people. Here is a little script that will start
and stop dnetc automatically.

ps ax > ~/ps
if [ `grep -c quake ~/ps` -eq 0 ]
if [ `grep -c dnetc ~/ps` -eq 0 ]
~~/dnetc/dnetc -quiet
elif [ `grep -c quake ~/ps` -ne 0 ]
if [ `grep -c dnetc ~/ps` -ge 1 ]
~~/dnetc/dnetc -kill


The above .should. work, no promises, check it does before you use it its
a derivation of something I use to keep my client running.

put it in ~/dnetscript or similar, then run crontab -e and add this line
* * * * * ~/dnetscript

don't forget to chmod +x it.

(chances are you'll edit the crontab with vi, and if yu're unfamiliar with
vi, hit 'i' to insert the text, escape when you've typed it, then ':wq' to
write the file and quit.)

the script will be run every minute


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