[RC5] Testing problems

abigail at delanet.com abigail at delanet.com
Sat Jan 22 22:25:48 EST 2000

> Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 18:34:00 +0100
> From: Claude.Saam at alcatel.fr
> Subject: [RC5] Testing problems

> After the troubles with statsbox, after troubles with proxies, now come the
> troubles with the clients ... about 5 re-releases of the same client in 3 days
> , with clients released twice the same day ...
> You guys at distributed.net, do you *test* you stuff once in a lifetime, or do
> you simply put things together and dump them on the web as soon as compile is
> successful ?
> I am very angry because i have to maintain / update about 20 computers at
> different locations, and I just hate to do the work twice. If course i shoudl
> test myself, but i was trusting you since prior releases of the clients (v2.7x)
> hadn't so much troubles.
> Now i think i'll wait and keep 2 or 3 generations of client away ...
> I do agree you are not a company in the common sense of the term, and people
> working for dnet do it free and late at night, but you need user support to
> achieve work, and giving a bad image of yourself won't help you gain people
> from SETI ... Stop hurrying
> and do the things *right*, that's all i am asking for.

Well, duh. If you want to run bleeding edge software, and do a global
rollout, you get what you ask for. Which company with common sense
would do that? If a client comes out, wait a few days to see if any big
problems are being reported, then install a new client on *one* machine,
run it for a few days, then upgrade the rest of your forest. It generally
isn't that a new client is 50% faster and that waiting a few days means
billions of lost blocks.


Hope we will see less "sorry" in the next .plans ...

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