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Sean Matheis sean at pentex.org
Sat Jan 22 15:26:10 EST 2000

Another distributed program to look at is the Mersenne Prime program
going on.  The primary stat used there for ranking is the number
of "LL P90 CPU yrs" you've contributed to the program.  Second 
is the number of "Exponents LL Tested".  

I think hours as Seti does it is a nice stat to have, but shouldn't
be the only one.  And it isn't.  The client shows both hours & work


On Fri, 21 Jan 2000 22:25:13 CST, Ryo-ohki informed me that
Ben wrote:
* "Jim C. Nasby" wrote:
* So make up something convincing. If you know what OS they are running,
* what processor, what speed, you can estimate total block time. I know
* that sounds imprecise and a lot of work, but there are a lot of S at h
* users who think hours is more important than work units.
* I spent some time in the sci.astro.seti and _a lot_ of people thought
* that S at h stats should be by hours, not work units. When I argued that
* work units were were more important than hours, they generally didn't care.
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