[RC5] RC5 and Defrag

MICO Olivier odj_mico at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 25 14:55:22 EST 2000

MICO Olivier a écrit:
>Hi !
>since the 800x client version under Win32 there is something very annoying 
>the client stops when it detects windows defrag running,

Did you try to increase the priority of the dnet client ?

It could work if defrag is the only backgroud process you're running on
a regular basis.

hi !

no i did not try that because i'm working under Win98 and i can't change 
priority levels of my running apps ( i could with some softs but Win32 is so 
naturaly unstable so i prefer not to change those things to keep my work 
alive )

but because i have no calculation power loss with olds RC5 Client i run 
client V2.7100.417 ( GUI version ) when i have to defrag, that client 
version doesn't stop when defrag runs

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