[RC5] Suggestion for client icon

Zorba the Hutt zorbathut at uswest.net
Tue Jan 25 17:43:47 EST 2000

>  I haven't tested anything on any windoze boxes, because I don't know
> the necessary tools are, and the online help isn't very technically
> or detailed (*cough*).

In case people are curious . . . there's a little util called Wintop that,
well, duplicates "top" for Windows basically (although with a slightly
prettier GUI and somewhat less easily-accessible information). With nothing
else running, Windows and standard programs (i.e. ICQ, Netlaunch, and Wintop
itself) take 1% to 1.5% of the runtime, and dnetc takes virtually all the
rest (occasionally the idle CPU time goes up to 0.05%). With POV-Ray running
at "lower" priority, dnetc goes down to about 3.5% runtime - at "normal"
priority, dnetc hits 2.5% or 3.0%. Some of this may be inefficiency in
POV-Ray though, because with dnetc off I've got about 2% idle time.
Unfortunately, I don't have anything else handy that uses consistent amounts
of runtime, but I hope someone finds this interesting :)


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