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Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Thu Jan 27 01:32:07 EST 2000

Dan Oetting wrote:
> At 17:52 -0700 1/21/2000, Jim C. Nasby wrote:
> >What I really want to do is change the stats so that you get 3 sets of
> >numbers:
> >
> >What did you do yesterday?
> >What did you do for the past 7 days?
> >What have you done overall?
> >
> >Unfortunately, I havn't come up with a good way of displaying this
> >information without overwhelming and confusing people, and I havn't had
> >the chance to add the required stuff to the statsrun. :(
> How about this for a simplification of the stats pages:
> Have only 2 rankings for individuals and teams: The current rate defined as
> the work units completed in the current project over the last 7 days. And
> the overall work done defined as the total work credits for all projects
> where suitable credits are assigned for the blocks in each project.
> Show yesterdays (or the last 7 daily) stats and the breakdown by project on
> the individual and team pages only.
This is a possibility, but has one drawback: it is removing some of the
current stats functionality (namely, ranking based on yesterday's rate).
This is something I would prefer to avoid, because anything we remove,
people will complain.

To be honest, I don't think that it's appropriate to make this change
yet. First, there are still things from statsbox-I that are still
missing. Second, I want to allow people to 'customize' stats to their
preferences ('my statsbox', if you will). This would allow people to
decide for themselves what they do and don't see (among other things).
This would go to great lengths to eliminate confusion, since we can
leave this turned off by default.

The other issue is that right now, we are in the midst of creating a
robust solution for handling stats for more than on project (note that I
am *not* talking about cross-project stats!). We are also working to
make the current stats code more robust and easier to maintain. So, it
will be a while before we work on adding new features.

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