[RC5] Remote buffers from command line

Dennis Lubert plasmahh at dialup.nacamar.de
Tue Jan 25 23:16:23 EST 2000

At 15:24 24.01.00 +0000, you wrote:
>Sometime ago, in the pre-8000 clients, it was possible to make the 
>client use remote buffer files from the command line. This was with 
>the "-in" and "-out" switches. I used to use the win32 client to 
>update the buffer files of a dos client over the network, entering 
>the paths as UNC paths.
>However, with the latest 8005 client, this no longer works. The "-in" 
>and "-out" options have gone and have been replaced with "-inbase" 
>and "-outbase". Problem is, these options don't like UNC pathnames 
>and the client does nothing when it's run with them.
>Is there any other way to make a client use remote buffers from the 
>command line (so it can be scripted to do several machines)? I've had 
>to revert to the less satisfactory (and somewhat error-prone) method 
>of copying the buffers files locally, updating them, and copying them 
I have set up a Batch file for Win32 that copies the file to a temporary
directory does the update, and then moves the file(s) back... this should
also work with UNC file names, since the flushing is done via the temp-dir...

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