[RC5] Adverse effects of participation?

Scott Dodson sdodson at gateway.net
Wed Jan 26 21:28:45 EST 2000

> Last month my old Pentium150 laptop died suddenly. (HDD could not be
> detected) It had been running dnet and doing almost nothing else for the
> last year of its life.
> A friend told me that's what I get for running dnet 24/7. plausible?

Running a laptop 24/7 is just not a good idea, they're not designed to be
run continously.  Most don't have adequate cooling, and they're much more
fragile than standard computers.

> I think it is an accepted fact that a hdd could be run to death if it were
> at full spin 24/7, no?
> (Afterall, hdds are spec-ed with MTFBs)
> What other components can be worn to death from running dnet?
> I've always believed the CPU to be immortal since it has no moving parts.
> True? Provided cooling is stable, which brings us to the cooling fans...
> these tend to clog with dust.. Anything else?

Capacitors and stuff go bad, i think.

> What can I do to make sure the hdd spins down to powersaving (and
> low-wearing mode), when the computer is left alone to crunch rc5?
> Could we have user-definable disk-access frequency in the client?

You can run the client using the nodisk switch "dnetc -nodisk" however if
for some reason the computer shuts down while it's running, all blocks
completed since you started that session would be lost.

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