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Ben benb at netins.net
Wed Jan 26 02:05:29 EST 2000

MICO Olivier wrote:
> You wrote :
> Off-topic: didn't I read and advice somewhere that it was better to stop all
> unnecessary programs for cd-burning? Or does this info dates from the
> 486-period?
> Best Regards,
> Gunny
> ---------------------------------------------
> It depends on some factors, in exemple my CD writer has a 4Mo built in
> memory ( excuse me but i can't translate the french word "tampon" in
> english, it's like an accumulator ) so that if there's something annoying
> that arrives ( eg: hard drive activity, floppy drive access )
> the CD burning process won't be disturbed.
> There's also some useful things like having 128Mo for running Win32
> and a 450Mhz CPU AND Burning CD at only 2x speed

The english word for the accumulator is "buffer". 
http://babelfish.altavista.com/ is useful every once in a while for this
sort of thing. Tampon has an altogether different meaning in english.

> so When i'm making CD Burning on my computer i have RC5 working and i'm
> playing a window's game like "free cell" or other...

Windows: The best $100 game of solitaire you can buy.

> Ciao
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