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> I think the main issue here is reading/writing to the buffer file, during
> the time defrag is running.
> Would it be possible for dnetc to buffer in RAM while defrag is running
> with the option to do random blocks rather that access the disk?
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There's an option "buffer in ram only" under "Buffer settings (2)" of the
client v2.8005 client maybe that would make defrag cut down on restarts,
however depending on how much ram you have windows is most likely going to
swap it to the disk causing defrag to restart  Unless they are doing some
magic with the memory management, chances are dfrg. will get restarted,
unless you could read a few blocks from a network at a time and load those
into memory (?) that would leave the disk untouched maybe... you never know
what windows does and why  I read something in MSJ about some new memory
management API for win2k and I think that API lets you alocate pages that
are not to be swaped... but I am not sure

Anyway defrag does suck, it restarts on me even if the only thing that comes
up is the matrix screensaver, Norton's defragmentation utilitie or the one
by Network Associate "Disk Tune" which comes with Nuts and Bolts can
optimize everything including moving swap file and "unmovable" files that
defrag doesn't even touch... get one of those they are worth it


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