[RC5] RC5 and Defrag

Stephen M Doherty stephenm at doherty.net
Wed Jan 26 22:05:26 EST 2000

I pasted this from the client config
you can set the priority higher for the client thru its config

distributed.net client configuration: Performance related options

Priority level to run at:

The higher the client's priority, the greater will be its demand for
processor time. The operating system will fulfill this demand only after
the demands of other processes with a higher or equal priority are fulfilled
first. At priority zero, the client will get processing time only when all
other processes are idle (give up their chance to run). At priority nine,
client will always get CPU time unless there is a time-critical process
waiting to be run - this is obviously not a good idea unless the client is
running on a machine that does nothing else.
On *nix'ish OSs, the higher the priority, the less nice(1) the process.
*Warning*: Running the Win32 client at any priority level other than zero is
destructive to Operating System safety. Win32's thread scheduler is not
Besides, a zero priority does not mean that the client will run slower than
a higher priority. It simply means that all other processes have a better
*chance* to get processor time than client. If none of them want/need
time, the client will get it. Do *not* change the value of this option
you are intimately familiar with the way Win32 thread scheduling works.

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MICO Olivier a écrit:
>Hi !
>since the 800x client version under Win32 there is something very annoying
>the client stops when it detects windows defrag running,

Did you try to increase the priority of the dnet client ?

It could work if defrag is the only backgroud process you're running on
a regular basis.

hi !

no i did not try that because i'm working under Win98 and i can't change
priority levels of my running apps ( i could with some softs but Win32 is so
naturaly unstable so i prefer not to change those things to keep my work
alive )

but because i have no calculation power loss with olds RC5 Client i run
client V2.7100.417 ( GUI version ) when i have to defrag, that client
version doesn't stop when defrag runs

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